The business

The Museu do Imigrante was founded by Decree Law 566 of December 18, 1974, and opened its doors to the community on May 21, 1975, since then developing its activities in an old building built in 1913.

O Desafio

The challenge in the data was to create an institutional website that would present the Museum to the community, as long as it was accessible and easy to navigate to reach all types of accents.

Museu do Imigrante layout desktop version
Museu do Imigrante layout tablet version
Museu do Imigrante layout mobile version
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The solution

With the objective of making a completely modern website, with accessibility, with snow-capacity, this project was carried out, taking into account the transmission of the Museum's features through colors, shapes and size.

Other Projects

A short story

we know the oceans are dangerous and not everyone has the courage to venture out

our team will be your guide and in this immensity with you we will enter

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